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Step to Christ By E.G. White

The first step of knowing God is to understanding His love for you personally. God demonstrates His love by providing your needs in ways that steer you toward salvation. Not a blade of grass, fruit or vegetable can grow without receiving life from God. All this He does for you. Though He cursed the earth for man’s sake, God again and again shows He is trustworthy, and that He desires an intimate relationship with you.

Satan, on the other hand, has done his best to represent God as a vicious tyrant awaiting His first opportunity to destroy anyone who even slightly strays from God’s path. Christ came not only to save you and me but to show the Father’s true character, which exposes Satan’s lies. God’s and Jesus’ characters are the same, so loving in nature that children flocked to Jesus. Satan applies to God his own attributes, and using the Old Testament as proof, many believe this lie. Yet the Old Testament shows that God would have no need of using discipline or destruction were it not for Satan’s influence.

The Bible says that destruction is God’s “strange” act. God destroys only to save people from Satan’s tyranny and resulting misery. Without some restraining of evil by God, every person would be painfully more miserable. It is because God is protecting us that we take His blessings for granted. We are so used to His daily tender care that we would be shocked at the difference were He to withdraw His hand of love and mercy, yet rarely is God given credit for holding back the tide of evil as He does.

Each person, no matter his or her station in life, is so tenderly regarded by the Father that He Sacrificed His own Son in his or her behalf. And God’s Son became even more endeared to His Father for dying for us. There is no greater love. How can we doubt it? And God demonstrates this love daily if we choose to see. Herein is the key: to understand and realize God’s love for us, we must see it, read it, and hear it – daily.

Step one is to view the intensity of God’s immeasurable love for you in the light of Jesus’ life and death.


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