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Jesus is real.. My testimony of how I came to faith..

Ok guys so I felt really awkward cause I felt like I was talking to a brick wall.. and I just did this in one take, the first take. I didn’t edit it to make it more exciting, maybe I will from now on. The message though is clear. God is real. As I found out. And so is Jesus. And the holy spirit and everything else in the bible!!

At the end when I said “and i’ve experienced them all”… I just want to correct myself, I haven’t experienced heaven & hell for myself. I have experienced God’s love, presence and re-shaping of my character, I have seen demons, I have seen what I believe was Satan himself, I have witnessed angelic protection during spiritual warfare. I have taken part in 2 exorcisms and one baptism (in addition to my own baptism).

I will obviously make videos of those.

If there is anything that anyone wants to talk to me about (serious questions) please feel free to message me, i’ll get back to you.

I just want to add that although I look a bit miserable here (because I feel awkward) I have had the best 3 months of my life in Christ. I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I have found meaning in my life and have never been happier. God is SO GOOD. His presence and his love for me I see everyday. It is amazing. And I am SO BLESSED to be fighting on the front line for Jesus.

I used to be a strong atheist and let me tell you, YOU NEED GOD.

Thank you Jesus for saving me!!


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