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About Us

Our mission is to share the Love of God with every man, woman, and child on the planet and to share the truth of the salvation found in Jesus Christ. We use the Internet and emerging technologies to give people multiple opportunities to know and accept Jesus Christ.

How works…. is a ministry that is supported by members sharing Bible based truth. Videos and other information posted on is shared on the site with all members and visitors. Many of the links to videos and other content that are posted to are distributed all over the Internet. provides a vehicle for sharing Bible based truth with millions of people all over the planet. The truth of God’s Word will be made easily available to everyone seeking and not seeking it.

We also believe that sharing the love of God should be done in many forms: by word of mouth, with music, food, clothing, housing, providing education, giving medical aid, hugs, words of encouragement, and most importantly with prayer. supports Christian Education worldwide. Members from every nation and language are encouraged to participate in the spreading of the gospel message. We trust in the Holy Spirit to provide us with believers who are willing to participate in the work of kingdom building. We ask all believers in Jesus Christ to help in sharing the message of salvation wherever they are.

God Bless us all, – Founders